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Adding heavy-duty steel pegboard to your welding table or workbench is a great way to hang up the tools you use the most.  We have a lot of customers who like to hang up their wrenches so they can see them all instead of having to dig through the drawer to find the right one.  Our pegboard is formed in a press brake, which provides a couple advantages.  First, you can hang the pegboard on any wall without having to fur it out with lumber.  There is enough space created in the press-braking process that allows you to still use pegboard hooks even if the pegboard is tight against the wall.  Another advantage is the extra strength and rigidity created by the forming process, our pegboard will not warp or twist, it’s very rigid.  We guarantee your hook will break before our pegboard does!

Adding a pegboard package to your bench?  When adding the pegboard option to a bench, the pegboard sheet is welded to laser cut square tubing.  We also weld laser cut angle to the back of the backsplash on the top of your bench.  The pegboard frame is bolted to the angle on the backsplash to create a very solid and rigid system.  The pegboard is powder coated to a color of your choice, most often it matches the drawer color.

Overall Usable pegboard area is 24" tall x 72" long
Consists of two 24" x 36" sheets of pegboard welded to tubing to make up the frame
Frame mounts to angle iron welded on the backside of the backsplash using provided bolts
The two sheets of pegboard bolt together as well, see photos for visual reference
Ships knocked down
Field Assembly


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