3X6 JIG Table with sides


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Setup and fabrication has never been easier when using a Badass Jig Table!  Our Jig table features a tab and slot design using 1/2″ thick plate steel top and side panels.  These tables are about as flat as you can get without buying a milled or machined top fabrication table.  We wont claim our tables to be perfectly flat, but 99% of our users do not need that kind of precision, so unless you are building space ships you should be happy with our jig tables.  The 5/8″ diameter holes are 2″ on center and use standard 5/8″ diameter tooling (not included).  Also features a set of 3″ adjustable foot pads to level your table on your floor.

Length of Top: 72 inches
Depth of Top: 36 inches
Height to work surface: 36.5 inches
Length of base frame: 67-1/4 inches
Depth of base frame: 31-1/4 inches
Approx Weight: 500
Table capacity (without casters): 11,200 lbs. uniform load
Table capacity with casters: 4800 lbs.


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